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Rogers 'Holiday' Script Badge 'Londoner' Outfit

Rogers 'Holiday' Script Badge 'Londoner' Outfit

Brand:  Rogers
Size:  20x14, 12x8, 13x9 & 16x16
Shells:  5-Ply with Reinforcing Rings, Speckled Grey Interior
Finish:  Original Tri Band Red, White and Blue Wrap

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Rogers Holiday Script Badge 'Londoner' Outfit

Speckled Grey Interiors

Rare Tri Band Red Sparkle, White Marine Pearl and Blue Sparkle original Wrap.

All drums have Holiday Fullerton Calif Paper tags. 

Original Hoops have been replaced with modern 2.3mm Triple Flange and new tension rods (apart from 13 reso side) Kick hoops are replacements with new inlays.

Some seam separation between wraps, but this is very usual. Kick has two splits in the White Marine Pearl. One collet is missing a arm and one is splitting