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Ludwig and Ludwig 1920's 'Seperate Tension' 15x4" One Ply Mahogany

Ludwig and Ludwig 1920's 'Seperate Tension' 15x4'' One Ply Mahogany
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Brand:  Ludwig WFL
Size:  15x4
Shells:  One ply Mahogany with Maple with Re-rings
Finish:  Original Mahogany Lacquer

Our Price:  £659.00

Ludwig and Ludwig 1920's 'Seperate Tension'  


One Ply Mahogany with Maple Reinforcing rings

8 Tube Lugs, single flange hoops and original strainer and butt plate

'Rushworth and Dreaper Ltd' Liverpool Badge, the store where Lenon and McCartney bought their guitars 

Original Nickel Plating