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Ludwig 1920's De Luxe 'Ornamental' Model 'Black Beauty' 14x5

Ludwig 1920's De Luxe 'Ornamental' Model 'Black Beauty' 14x5
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Brand:  Ludwig
Size:  14x5
Shells:  Black Nickel over Heavy 2 Piece Brass Shell
Finish:  'Gunmetal' Original Black Nickel

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Ludwig 1920's De Luxe 'Ornamental' Model  Black Beauty

14x5 Heavy Brass Two Piece beaded Shell
10- Tube Lug
Single Flange Hoops and Claws 
Flower engraved over 'Gunmetal' Black Nickel finish

Very original and un-restored snare. 3 small holes from tone control. Usual signs of wear for a drum that is nearly 100 years old. 

One claw is damaged and two bottom ones appear to be replacements. We have a selection of 1920's claws to choose replacements from