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Gretsch Round Badge late 50's Name Band Outfit in Blue Sparkle

Brand:  Gretsch
Size:  22x14, 13x9 &16x16
Shells:  3-Ply toms and 6-Ply with Silver Liner
Finish:  Original Blue Sparkle

Our Price:  £2,669.00

Gretsch late 50's Round Badge 'Name Band' Outfit in Blue Sparkle


Original Blue Sparkle

Drum are a factory set from the transition in shell building. 13 and 16 toms are both 3 ply shells with rounded edges. 

The 16 features Gladstone style leg mounts and both toms have the earlier heavy duty tone control internals

Kick is a 6 ply drum, built without a Pratt muffler. The original 2 bolt rail has been replaced with a 4 bolt 70's Ludwig one, using the same holes

All drums have factory Silver sealer and no paper tags