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Gretsch Renown 'Purewood' Hickory Fusion Outfit

Gretsch Renown 'Purewood' Hickory Fusion Outfit

Brand:  Gretsch
Size:  20x16, 10x7, 12x8 & 14x14
Shells:  100% American Hickory
Finish:  Natural Gloss

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Gretsch Limited Production 'Purewood' Fusion Outfit

2012 Limited Edition American Hickory wood. Prized for it's natural strength and density, hickory is a natural extension for the Purewood Series.
Tonal properties for the bass drum feature tremendous low end combined with punchy attack. Tom tones have an emphasis on the higher and lower
frequencies to produce a focused, lively and controlled sound. The Shell interiors are finished naturally and the exteriors have natural gloss lacquer  to
enhance the unique visual characteristics of hickory.

Production was limited to 35 sets in both configurations, worldwide.

100% American Hickory
Die Cast Hoops
30 degree bearing edges

20x16 undrilled
10x7 with rims mount
12x8 with rims mount
14x14 with floor tom legs

includes 2 Gibraltar tom arms