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Bovid Percussion 14" Medium Goat

Bovid Percussion 14'' Medium Goat
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Brand:  Bovid Percussion
Size:  14"
Weight:  Medium Gauge

Our Price:  £95.00
14" Medium Goat

Rawhide drumheads offer exceptional tone and warmth, with a feel and sensitivity unlike any plastic head

Slightly dryer than broken white calf. Can be shaved exceptionally thin for snare-side use. The standard choice for djembe. Available with fur.

Sizes & Thickness


Heads are available in all standard sizes from 8" to 28", as well as custom sizes upon request. If you have an odd-sized drum, we're more than happy to work with you to achieve exactly what you need.

For drum set use we offer four gauges of hide:

Snare-side: 1-5 mil

Light: 6-8 mil

Medium: 9-11 mil

Heavy: 12-14 mil

For percussion use we offer hides up 3.5mm 

Flesh Hoops


Our flesh hoops are made from cold rolled solid aluminium which provides great strength, durability, and ease of tuning. 1/4" for snare and tom sizes, 3/8" for bass drum. Can be sold separate from complete heads for those who have hides of their own. Steel and brass available upon request.