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Slingerland 1940s Radio King Outfit

Slingerland 1940s Radio King Outfit
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Brand:  Slingerland
Size:  24x14, 13x9 & 16x16
Shells:  3-Ply Mahogany with Reinforcing Rings
Finish:  Original White Marine Pearl

Our Price:  £1,959.00

Slingerland 1940's Radio King Outfit 

24x14, 13x9 and 16x16 

All three shells have large beavertail lugs

Rack tom has single flange hoops and claws, so claws and tension rods have been replaced
Floor tom has some chrome and some nickel lugs and original top hoop. Bottom hoop is modern triple flange
Kick has one small extra hole at centre bottom of the shell, possibly from heating/light element. Some heavy fade/aging to left side of the wrap

Drums finished in Factory White Marine Pearl