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Ludwig Transitional Badge Clubdate Outfit in Blue Silver Duco

Brand:  Ludwig
Size:  22x14, 13x9, and 15x12
Shells:  3-Ply with Reinforcing Rings
Finish:  Original Silver Blue Duco

Our Price:  £1,549.00

Ludwig Transitional Badge Clubdate Outfit

22x14 dated 'Mar20 1962'
13x9 dated 'Jan 6 1959'
15x12 dates 'Jan 14 1959' 

Transitional badges on Rack and floor tom, Kick has Pre Serial Keystone Badge

This set is how the late 50s Clubdate was advertised with 15x12 floor tom.

Although there is a 3 year production date difference, there's drums were purchased new together.  

All original finish